SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND® California Resort

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1 Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008
10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday)
10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Saturday & Sunday)
Experience the sea life up close as you journey through LEGOLAND's very own SEA LIFE Aquarium. It features over 16 interactive exhibits for the whole family!
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SEA LIFE Aquarium
What to Expect?
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What to Expect at SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND California

Take some time to explore SEA LIFE Aquarium, a part of the famous LEGOLAND California Resort. Experience over 6,000 creatures and 350 different species of sea animals.

Located in Carlsbad, California, this attraction is home to many creatures of the sea! View tropical fish and baby cuttlefish. You can even encounter a shark!

Of course, since this Aquarium is within LEGOLAND California, you will see little LEGO divers inside several tanks. See how many you can find as you make your way through the Aquarium.

This California resort is home to the very first Beluga whale sanctuary, where you can meet Little White and Little Grey through the glass! Not to mention, many of nature's other gentle sea creatures.

See anything from a starfish to a shark! There are plenty of opportunities for interactive learning activities at this all-encompassing Aquarium geared toward kids. However, people of all ages are welcome.

SEA LIFE is in the middle of LEGOLAND, right before you enter the water park. If you've reached LEGOLAND Water Park, you've gone too far. It's worth turning around, though; this is a site you don't want to miss.

Choose to stay at the exclusive LEGOLAND California Resort and Castle Hotel and enjoy one of their 300+ themed rooms. Your kids are sure to have a blast!

Get Your Tickets for SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND San Diego

Regular Ticket Pricing Information

In addition to the LEGOLAND Resort admission tickets, you will need to pay $10 extra per person for anyone over the age of three. Children three and under enter the Aquarium free of charge.

When you purchase a ticket through the LEGOLAND website, you have the option to add SEA LIFE Aquarium for admission. Their annual passes give you that option as well.

Tickets to include SEA LIFE Aquarium start at $99.99 per person when you buy online. Annual passes start at $149.99 per person.

Prices are subject to change.

Save More with Hopper Ticket and 2nd Day Free

If one theme park isn’t enough, why not maximize your savings and make it two!

Purchase a LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium Hopper Ticket and get a 2nd Day Free! The hopper ticket includes unlimited access to both theme parks to maximize the fun and allows you to jump between theme parks as you wish.

The one rule is that the 2nd visit must occur within 9 days of the 1st visit.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Provides the Optimal Learning Experience for Your Children

This Aquarium is your child's interactive guide to the sea. You can watch their faces fill with joy as they splash in a simulated bioluminescent tide under a starry sky.

Your children will have a blast at this kid-centered Aquarium. They can also take some time to play Shark Mission. Shark Mission is a game that fosters their learning and teaches them about the life of sharks.

SEA LIFE focuses on providing optimal learning experiences. Education is essential, which is why this Aquarium offers an atmosphere where your children can learn and grow.

Join the Aquarium during one of their scheduled feeding demonstrations to learn about the care that the animals receive at this fantastic attraction.

With over 16 interactive zones and exhibits, the Aquarium provides the best environment for your child to learn and appreciate the life of animals under the sea.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Conservation Project

The message SEA LIFE strives to share is Breed, Rescue, and Protect. Their care system is derived from decades of experience from their very own marine biologists.

SEA LIFE Aquarium has partnered with SEA LIFE Trust to develop and support projects that protect these beautiful sea creatures worldwide.

In 2015 they raised over $430,000 globally to support the projects and partner organizations who work on protecting seahorses, turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, otters, and more!

Become a part of their conservation efforts by visiting the Aquarium and learning how you can raise awareness to save these magnificent marine animals.

Exciting Exhibits to See at SEA LIFE Aquarium

Here are just a few of the exhibits that you don't want to miss when you visit SEA LIFE Aquarium at the LEGOLAND Resort.

Sea at Night

The Sea at Night exhibit features a simulated bioluminescent tide under a dark, starry night. Although, the neat thing about this exhibit is you can experience this when it is broad daylight out!

At Sea at Night, it's always nighttime. Your children will learn about this predator evading fungi that illuminates the waves in this fantastic interactive exhibit.

Shark Mission

Watch as your child navigates a gigantic touchscreen to learn fascinating information about sharks.

Your child will absorb the importance of their existence and understand the conservation efforts surrounding these magnificent sea creatures.

Through interactive games, children will absorb valuable knowledge, and leave the park having a deeper appreciation for these predators of the sea.

Kingdom of the Seahorse Exhibit

Stare in amazement as these endangered seahorses link their tails together, and dance through the water. If you visit the exhibit during feeding and talk times, you will learn what they eat, and how they function as a species.

During the breeding season, you can witness the magnificence of the males giving birth. This is the only species in the world where a male is the partner who births the young ones.

Jellyfish Discovery

Enjoy walking through an interactive exhibit where you can touch a real live jellyfish! No, these do not sting.

Learn about the purpose of their existence and the different kinds of jellyfish that dwell in the ocean's vast waters.

San Francisco Harbor

Finally, this is another exhibit you must see! Stand at the glass where you can look at hundreds of different kinds of fish in their habitat.

Fish are not the only sea creature in there, though. San Francisco Harbor Exhibit is known for its giant octopus!

It's a Kids Aquarium on a Kid-Centered Resort

Every single exhibit that is at SEA LIFE Aquarium is kid-friendly. This entire Aquarium is centered on kids and includes family-friendly activities throughout the whole attraction.

Feeding and Questions Activities

The animals' caretakers invite people of all ages to join them while they feed the marine life. Encourage your child to ask questions to learn about sea life, diets, behavior patterns, and more!

Tropical Ocean Exhibit

Take a trip through an underwater tunnel to see the wonders of life under the sea. Watch as sharks swim above you while schools of bright, colorful fish dance around the glass.


Not only is the Aquarium an all-inclusive atmosphere for kids, but so is the entire Resort! From the hotels to the water park and LEGOLAND - all of it was created with your kids in mind.

Local Tips
Safety First
For the safety of all guests, strollers are not permitted inside SEA LIFE aquarium. Exceptions are made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when LEGOLAND Park is closed.

Many Attractions and Activities in One Place

The great thing about SEA LIFE is that it has many exhibits to offer, and the location is smack-dab in the middle of many other attractions as well.

Ocean Discovery

At the Ocean Discovery exhibit in SEA LIFE Aquarium, your children can take the time to learn about the animals inside of this enormous 200,000-gallon habitat!

Learn about the different species of animals as their beautiful colors swirl and mold together. This exhibit is terrific for seeing how sea life differs from land animals. In turn, you will learn to appreciate every animal for its unique existence.

LEGOLAND California Park

SEA LIFE is in the middle of LEGOLAND California Park.

This park provides a kid-friendly atmosphere full of fun rides and amazing LEGO models! Even though the resort is kid-centered, people of all ages have come to appreciate this unique park.

LEGOLAND® Water Park

There is a third section of LEGOLAND Resort in San Diego, the LEGOLAND® Water Park. The weather in California is dry and hot making it perfect for a dip in the water.

Take a ride down a slide that plunges you into shallow water at the bottom to cool off!

SeaWorld San Diego

If you're on an educational sea life excursion, SeaWorld San Diego is located just 30 minutes south of LEGOLAND in Mission Bay Park.

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Easy Directions and Parking

EV Charging
EV Charging
Lot Parking
Lot Parking
RV Parking
RV Parking

Directions to SEA LIFE inside of LEGOLAND Resort

LEGOLAND California resort is located east of the I-5 freeway. It's only 30 minutes north of San Diego, off the Palomar Airport Road Exit.

No matter which direction you come from, you should end on LEGOLAND Drive, where you will see directions to the parking lot.

Parking Information

The parking fees per vehicle are as follows:

  • Cars: $25
  • Preferred Parking: $35
  • Motorcycles: $25
  • Campers/RVs: $35

Bicycles and buses are free to park.

How You Can Prepare for a Visit to SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND California

Disabled Accessibility
Disabled Accessibility
No Alcohol
No Alcohol
No Smoking
No Smoking
Picnic Tables
Picnic Tables
Public Transportation
Public Transportation
RVs Allowed
RVs Allowed
Trash Cans Available
Trash Cans Available

Strollers Not Allowed in the Aquarium for Safety Reasons

Strollers are not allowed inside of the Aquarium for the safety of everyone. If you have younger children or infants, plan to bring an infant carrier.

Although you can park your stroller at the Aquariums entrance for your convenience.

How Long it Typically Takes to see SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND California

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to immerse yourself into the full experience that SEA LIFE has to offer.

However, you are more than welcome to appreciate the beauty of sea life for as long as you wish.

There are no lines to wait in as there are so many enjoyable exhibits to experience! You will not find yourself waiting for more than five minutes at any given time.

Best-kept Secrets About SEA LIFE Aquarium at LEGOLAND California

There is no wrong time of year to visit the SEA LIFE Aquarium. However, if you're interested in attending events, spring, summer, and fall are your ideal seasons to visit!

With over 6,000 animals, there is no need to worry about missing out on SEA LIFE's excitement.

Since each habitat is calculated to their natural wild habitats, the animals are always active.

Operating Hours

The regular operating hours for SEA LIFE Aquarium are 11 am to 7 pm. However, the opening and closing times change frequently.

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