10 Best San Diego Food & Beer Tours

Experience all the best food and drink San Diego has to offer with unique dining and drinking walking tours at local restaurants, breweries, and wineries.
Todd Sarouhan
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Dine and Drink On San Diego’s Best Food and Drink Tours

Margarita and Tacos on the Tequila Tacos Tombstones Walking Tour in Old TownBrothel in the Gaslamp Quarter on the Brothels Bites and Booze Tour

San Diego is rife with culture throughout the city, and one of the best ways to experience this culture for yourself is through local food and drink.

Breweries, distilleries, and wineries can be found in neighborhoods all over the town, as can a number of restaurants and other top food spots serving up everything from authentic ethnic food to local favorites.

Food and drink tours allow you to sample the offerings of multiple different spots in a single day, taking you on an adventure of flavors while also providing a window into the vibrant culture that makes San Diego so special. Many of the best tours also include fun facts about San Diego’s rich history, information about brewing and distilling processes, or a truly unique experience with scenic views you can’t find anywhere else!

These food and beer tours are great for adventurous couples, small business trip groups, and girls’ weekend getaways. The North Park Beer Tour is featured in the Most Fun Things to do in San Diego .

While most trips that involve alcohol aren’t good fits for families with young kids, other tours, such as San Diego Harbor Cruises and Boat Tours, can be great family-friendly activities. Some tours like City Tours and Haunted Tours involve longer walks, while others are less strenuous and provide a more relaxing experience, so there’s a perfect fit for just about everyone.

Many neighborhoods that offer these tours, like Downtown San Diego, the Gaslamp Quarter, and Old Town, also have top attractions that are included in the Go City San Diego pass, which allows you to bundle attraction admission prices together to save more money while you explore the town.

With an additional discount from our partner code, you can visit notable locales like the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown, the Maritime Museum, and PETCO Park, or take the San Diego City Tour, all for less than the advertised admission prices!

San Diego's Top Food & Beer Tour: The Brothels, Bites & Booze Tour

Join Todd as he learns about the unique and sometimes sordid history of San Diego on the Brothels, Bites and Booze Tour. This tour also includes a sampling of the Gaslamp Quarter's finest food and drinks. Go on the Brothels, Bites & Booze Tour

Enjoy Local Brews and Bites On the 10 Best Food and Beer Tours

Food and beer tours range from family-friendly affairs to more adult-oriented outings. Going on a beer tour is actually part of the Unique Things to Do in San Diego.

Many tours include both drinks and food, while others primarily focus on the breweries and wineries in the neighborhood, or offer unique eating experiences.

Check out our list of the Best Things to do in San Diego,including wine, beer, tequila, and food tours so you can start planning your trip today!

Brothel in the Gaslamp Quarter on the Brothels Bites and Booze Tour
Brothel in the Gaslamp Quarter on the Brothels Bites and Booze Tour

1) Brothels, Bites and Booze: San Diego Gaslamp Walking Tour

Neighborhood: Gaslamp Quarter
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San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is best known for its historical buildings, but it also has an active nightlife scene, with plenty of breweries and restaurants serving quick bites. On the Brothers, Bites, and Booze: San Diego Gaslamp Walking Tour, you’ll get to explore the best bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, sampling beverages and a variety of cuisines as you go.

Additionally, the tour will take you through what was once one of the major red light districts in Southern California. Previously known as a hub of debauchery, many of the original buildings have been renovated into vastly different businesses through the years, though you can still see the Victorian-era architecture. Your guide will tell salacious tales from the Stingaree District with plenty of scandal and intrigue, bringing the historic district to life.

The Brothels, Bites, and Booze tour lasts about 2.5 hours and spans multiple breweries and restaurants. It is a guided walking tour that is best suited for adults due to the serving of alcoholic beverages and the more mature nature of some of the stories told during the tour.

This Tour is actually featured in the Best 15 Things to do in San Diego at night .

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Margarita and Tacos on the Tequila Tacos Tombstones Walking Tour in Old Town
Margarita and Tacos on the Tequila Tacos Tombstones Walking Tour in Old Town

2) Tequila, Tacos & Tombstones Walking Tour in Old Town San Diego

Neighborhood: Old Town San Diego
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As California’s first settlement, Old Town has been around for over 250 years. In that time, it has served as the resting place for thousands of San Diegans over the course of its existence, which means its graveyards are full of important figures and local legends.

The Tequila, Tacos & Tombstones Walking Tour in Old Town San Diego offers a window into history, with information about what the town would have looked like in the 1800s, as well as notable events from the dawn of the Mexican period through to the American Gold Rush. You’ll also get to hear ghost stories in one of the most haunted neighborhoods in the nation, complete with a visit to the famously haunted Whaley House.

You won’t go hungry on the tour either, as you’ll get to dine and drink at a local Mexican restaurant, sample dishes from multiple other restaurants, and enjoy complimentary samples of alcoholic beverages.Eating Street Tacos is actually featured on the Unique Things to Do in San Diego article.

While the tour is catered toward adults, younger guests are also welcome. This is a 2.5-hour walking tour with a live guide, and the tour is wheelchair accessible. This tour is our #2 pick in the Most Fun Things to do in San Diego.

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More Beer on the North Park Beer Ucation Tour
More Beer on the North Park Beer Ucation Tour

3) San Diego: North Park Beer-ucation Tour

Neighborhood: North Park
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North Park is considered by many to be not just the brewery capital of San Diego, but one of the best neighborhoods for locally brewed beer in all of America. It’s no surprise, then, that the neighborhood is home to the San Diego: North Park Beer-ucation Tour, which invites tour-goers to visit multiple breweries in the area, sampling beer and light bites as you go.

The North Park Beer-ucation Tour is led by a knowledgeable beer enthusiast, who will bring you to a selection of three or four of the best breweries the town has to offer. At each stop, you’ll get a unique look into the process of making craft beer, including the different methods and ingredients that go into each unique blend of flavors. You’ll get to enjoy beer samples with food pairings, and the tour also includes some information about how North Park developed into the trendy beer capital it is today.

The North Park Beer-ucation Tour lasts about 3 hours. Since the main draw is visiting breweries and sampling alcoholic beverages, the tour is only recommended for those 21 and over.

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Outdoor Dining on the Little Ltaly Food Walking Tour
Outdoor Dining on the Little Ltaly Food Walking Tour

4) Little Italy Food Walking Tour

Neighborhood: Little Italy San Diego
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As the name suggests, Little Italy is brimming with Italian restaurants on every corner, and it’s only natural to want to dine at as many locations as possible.

You can do exactly that on the Little Italy Food Walking Tour, which includes a sampling of delicious dishes from four different restaurants which have earned a reputation as local favorites. Many of these restaurants are family-owned and operated, serving hundreds of daily customers with recipes that have been passed down through the generations, providing a truly authentic experience.

Restaurants you’ll visit during the tour serve a variety of meals including classic Italian fare, New York-style pizza, New Zealand-inspired grass-fed burgers, and dessert from an Italian bistro. In addition to tasting a popular dish at each location, you’ll also get complimentary drinks.

The tour lasts about 2.5 hours, but you’ll spend most of your time dining rather than walking, so it’s not especially strenuous. In addition to being wheelchair accessible, the Little Italy Food Walking Tour is also a great family-friendly activity.

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Carlsbad Village Local Food Tour
Carlsbad Village Local Food Tour

5) Carlsbad Village: 3-Hour Local Food Tour

Neighborhood: Carlsbad
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Carlsbad Village is an incredible neighborhood for learning about the culture, history, and architecture that makes San Diego so special, and you can do all this and more on the Carlsbad Village: 3-Hour Local Food Tour.

During the food tour, your experienced guide will help you navigate through the village as you make your way toward local landmarks, many of which have historical connections. You’ll also get the chance to explore some of the town’s most famous streets, which are lined with art galleries, murals, museums, and cute boutique shops.

There are few better ways to learn about an area’s culture than through tasting local dishes, and luckily, the tour also includes samples from some of Carlsbad Village’s best restaurants. Dine on authentic dishes from eight different restaurants, each of which has a unique menu and atmosphere. You’ll get to try foods that are culturally important to the many different ethnic groups that call San Diego home, as well as sampling locally-made wine and beer.

Since the tour includes stops at a dessert shop and some of the most romantic restaurants in the neighborhood, it’s especially popular with couples!

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Tijuana City Guided Tour Food Tour
Tijuana City Guided Tour Food Tour

6) Tijuana City Guided Tour and Food Tasting from San Diego

Culture overflows from every corner of Tijuana, Mexico, which is heavily influenced by California just to the north. You can sample delicious, authentic local dishes while also learning about the city’s vibrant culture at its most iconic locations on the Tijuana City Guided Tour and Food Tasting from San Diego, which is one of the best ways to experience the very best of Baja California.

The Tijuana City Guided Tour begins at the Tijuana Cultural Center, which has its own museum detailing local history, as well as a botanical garden with many native species of plants. Next, visit one of Tijuana’s beautiful beaches along the border, with a quick snack and drink break to refresh yourself. The trip also includes stops at a restaurant, Caliente Casino, the Jai Alai building, a market with plenty of stores for some shopping, and tequila and beer tasting.

Tours of Tijuana City are primarily geared toward adults, but the tour provides an educational experience that is suitable for all ages. This is an all-day activity that typically lasts about 7 hours. It’s a great trip for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the stunningly vibrant culture and incredible sights of Tijuana.

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San Diego Brewery and Tap Room Sidecar Tour
San Diego Brewery and Tap Room Sidecar Tour

7) San Diego: Brewery and Tap Room Sidecar Tour

Neighborhood: Gaslamp Quarter
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Discover a new way to explore the Downtown San Diego area from the comfort of a motorcycle sidecar on the San Diego: Brewery and Tap Room Sidecar Tour.

Unlike many other brewery tours, you won’t have to spend all day on your feet; instead, you can travel in style while still visiting the best breweries the Downtown area has to offer!

This is a guided tour, and your guide will not only be your driver, but also your source of information about the many local landmarks you’ll pass by on the trip. Along the way, you’ll get to visit a variety of tap rooms and breweries, each serving up their own unique craft beer brews. You’ll also get to learn about the brewing process and, of course, enjoy a sample of beer and light snacks from each brewery.

The Brewery and Tap Room Sidecar Tour is not for anyone younger than 21, as the primary draw is getting to sample beer from the breweries. However, it’s a fun way to explore the city that’s especially well-suited to adventurous couples.

The tour lasts about 2.5 hours, and all tour-goers must wear protective helmets while riding in the sidecar.

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San Diego Champagne Brunch Cruise
San Diego Champagne Brunch Cruise

8) Champagne Brunch Cruise in San Diego

Neighborhood: San Diego Bay
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Explore the waters of the Pacific Ocean as well as the many coastal landmarks of San Diego from the comfort of a 2-hour cruise on a yacht. The Champagne Brunch Cruise in San Diego includes a narrated tour of all the most scenic spots along San Diego’s shores, as well as incredible views of the gentle waves in the picturesque San Diego Bay.

As you relax and take in the scenery, you’ll also get to enjoy a buffet-style brunch complete with ambient music and sparkling champagne. Dine on a selection of breakfast and lunch entrees, seafood, pastries, fresh fruit, and salad, and be sure to visit the carving stations and dessert bar. The menu changes with the seasons, so you can be sure you’re always enjoying fresh, flavorful meals.

Guests can sit at their own private tables on the deck of the boat, making the cruise a great choice for business trips, ladies’ weekends, and other groups of just about any size. Additionally, the Champagne Brunch Cruise is a family-friendly activity, with free admission for infants.

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Harbor Cruise Boat in San Diego Bay
Harbor Cruise Boat in San Diego Bay

9) San Diego: Dinner Cruise

Neighborhood: San Diego Bay
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Dine on the water with the sea breeze in your hair on the San Diego: Dinner Cruise, which is a 3-hour cruise around San Diego Bay. The highlight of this cruise is the atmosphere, as you'll enjoy amazing views of the city, as well as getting to see the sun set over the bay before your meal.

Points of interest include the Cabrillo National Monument and Coronado Bridge, though just viewing the city of San Diego all lit up at night from the bay is an attraction itself. There's also a good chance you'll see some seals and sea lions, which make their homes along the shore. Relax at your own table on the roomy deck and enjoy a buffet-style meal complete with wine, salad, entrees with vegetarian options, dessert, and coffee.

The Dinner Cruise also features a live DJ for entertainment. If you'd like a souvenir, you can purchase commemorative photos taken by a professional photographer after the cruise.

This is a fun excursion for groups of all sizes, and in particular, an unbeatable romantic night under the stars for couples.

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Temecula Wine Tasting Tour
Temecula Wine Tasting Tour

10) Temecula: All-Inclusive Wine Tasting Tour With Lunch

Located about an hour north-east of San Diego, Temecula is known for its incredible local wineries. You can sample the offerings from four different local favorites and enjoy a tasty picnic lunch on the Temecula: All-Inclusive Wine Tasting Tour With Lunch, which offers a unique look at some of the area's best independently-owned wineries.

The Temecula Wine Tasting Tour is only suitable for those 21 and older, but it makes for an ideal activity for a ladies' weekend, and it's also a fun choice for couples on vacation or honeymoon. As you'll be visiting four wineries and sitting down for a sample of drinks at each one, the tour lasts about six hours, so it's suitable for a day trip.

Take a VIP tour where you'll learn all about the wine making process, from the growing of grapes to harvesting, processing, bottling, and storing. You'll also learn a little about how to taste the quality of different wines, then put your newly-earned sommelier skills to the test as you sample wine.

A picnic lunch will be provided from a nearby eatery, which you can choose when you book your trip as well.

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Enjoy a Brew with Go Pass
Pure Brewing Tasting (3 locations)
Pure Brewing Tasting Tour
Grab your Go Pass and head down to one of the three Pure Brewing locations that San Diego has to offer. Choose from a variety of brews for your sampling while you relax in comfort. Locations are in Miramar, Bankers Hill and Carlsbad.
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Local Tips
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Key Tips You Should Know Before You Go

Beer, wine, and food tours should be stress-free and totally fun. Ensure your trip has no unforeseen complications by following these tips.

Dress Appropriately

Many of the tours on this list involve lots of walking, so you don't want to wear high heels or other uncomfortable dress shoes. Instead, choose comfortable walking shoes paired with other necessities like loose-fitting clothes, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and some water to stay hydrated.

Confirm Accessibility

Many tours are accessible for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, but may require traveling long distances by foot, or may stop at restaurants and breweries that do not have accessibility ramps.

Call ahead to confirm whether or not a tour is disability friendly, as the companies offering each tour can provide more in-depth information about the accessibility of different stops.

Spring for a Live Guide

Some walking tours are unguided or come with an audio track, but nothing quite compares to the experience of having a knowledgeable local lead you to each location on your tour. Live guides can answer questions and reveal insider info about some of the city’s hottest eateries, making for an unforgettable experience!

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