San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Experience up-close views of more than 3,000 endangered animals in their world-class habitats at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Safari options available!
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Enjoy a Wild Journey
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Enjoy a Wild Journey at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Cheetahs Relaxing at the San Diego Zoo Safari ParkGiraffe at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Just east of Oceanside and Escondido and not far from the Carlsbad and Encinitas beaches, you will find the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Located in San Pasqual Valley, this Zoo is one of the greatest San Diego Attractions welcoming over 2 million people annually. Here, you will discover many different options to see the wonders of this glorious park.

The park features free-range exhibits for various feral animals, including numerous endangered species that originated from Asia, Europe, the plains of Africa, and more. Choose between several safari options to view different angles of the park.

Climb among the treetops to see cheetahs, and gorillas, or take a thrill ride on California's longest continuous zipline over the open fields full of rhinos!

Watch as these colossal mammals run around the looming hills, through the swooping vales of this replicated desert animal empire. Visit the beautiful open-exhibit Zoo, a half-hour north of the historical Balboa Park near Downtown San Diego.

With over 1800 acres of land housing over 3,000 animals, there are many sights to see, and while venturing through this intriguing Safari Park.

Get a Great Deal on Your Admission to the Park

Website Prices for the Safari Park

You can choose a 1-day pass that includes the Africa tram, and the cheetah run. Adult prices are $58 per person, while children over the age of 3 are $48 per person.

For a 2-visit pass, choose between two visits to the Safari Park or two trips to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Or, you can visit each attraction once starting at $154 for anyone 10 and older. Children 3 to 9 years old are $144 per person. All prices are subject to change.

Keep reading for our tips on how to SAVE BIG on admission for the entire family to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The Best Way to Save on Admission to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Pre-purchase an All-Inclusive Go San Diego Pass and for just $89 per child and $99 per adult, you will have access to over 30 different attractions around the greater San Diego area, including the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, world-famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego! Visit at least two participating attractions in one day to get up to 55% off your fantastic adventure.

With the Go San Diego Pass, you will not have to pay at the gate; simply scan your pass upon entry. Instead of paying $154 to visit both the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park, you'll pay just $99. That’s a huge savings of $55 per pass!

Pre-purchase your All-Inclusive Go San Diego Pass through our website to receive an extra discount on top of the already low prices. Enjoy this savings through our link and there’s no additional code needed!

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is Full of Amazing Experiences

There is no other experience in the world than seeing these astounding animals up close and personal in their naturalistic habitats.

Whether you choose to go on a safari tour or tackle the Park on foot, there are several different exhibits to enjoy! Meander over to the Africa Tram that runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and take a free excursion through African grassland exhibits.

After you take a ride on the complimentary tram, you can stroll on over to the Gorilla Trail, where you'll feast your eyes on a family of beautiful gorillas. This exhibit also hosts an activity center on the left side where your kids can see how they compare to the size of an adult gorilla.

This local San Diego gem also offers impressive amenities in addition to the splendid exhibits of animals. Need a break? No problem! Stop for some delicious food at any of the 17 places available. There is everything from burgers to snack stands!

Next, visit the Animal Ambassador stage where you'll have a chance to pet a large cat, a camel, and several other amazing animals that call the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, home.

Learn About How You Can Help the Conservation Efforts of the Wild Animal Park

San Diego Zoo Global is a non-profit agency that collaborates with over 300 partners to protect wildlife from extinction. They work in over 52 countries to observe and study these wondrous animals in the field.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park works to provide naturalistic habitats for these endangered animals and help to increase the population by breeding them.

The Wild Animal Park site has ways to donate or adopt an animal now if you want to help with the conservation efforts and continue to save these magnificent animals.

Top Exhibits at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

African Plains

Walk around this enormous enclosure that features animals such as:

  • Rhinos
  • Zebras
  • Giraffes
  • Vultures
  • and more!

This exhibit features over 300 acres, which is teeming with the wildlife of the African Plains. The arid-like climate creates an ideal enclosure for these fascinating animals.

Discover the Asian Savanna

The Asian Savanna is located just north of the African Plains exhibit. Full of one-horned rhinos, camels, and a wide array of other Savanna animals from Asia; this is an exhibit unlike any you've seen before.

You get to spectate as these animals gallivant through their vast free-roam enclosure. Many of the Asian Savanna animals are a threat of becoming endangered.

Venture to Elephant Valley

In 2003, the Safari Park rescued an elephant herd in Swaziland from a cull. Since then, the park has welcomed new elephants and has expanded to two large exhibit yards.

Stand on the Elephant viewing patio as you watch them enjoy a nice soak in the pond made just for them, aiming to please the spectators.

The Beautiful Condor Ridge

In 1982, only 22 California Condors existed in the wild. The California Condor Program has now grown this population to over 500!

Check out these endangered birds living at Condor Ridge soar through the air with their massive 10-foot wingspans!

Your Kids Will Love this Park

At Wildlife Park, there are plenty of activities for your kids to enjoy. This is a family-friendly attraction that provides some areas that were created with your kids in mind.

The Conservation Carousel

For just $6, your child can take unlimited rides on the conservation carousel that features 60 rare and endangered animals to ride. Choose between a rhino, zebra, cheetah, and more!

This carousel is located right inside of the Safari Base Camp. This is a relaxing ride for the whole family to enjoy.

Unique Play Areas

Throughout the Park, there are several play areas to stop and let your children play freely at:

  • Savanna Cool Zone near Lion Camp
  • Village Playground over by Nairobi Village
  • Tiger Trail Play Area at Tiger Trail
  • Samburu Jungle Gym near African Woods

Educational Opportunities for All

The Safari Park has even more educational opportunities than the San Diego Zoo. Teach your child about animal conservation and take the time to read the information at each exhibit.

Local Tips
Did you Know?
San Diego Zoo Safari Park is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego County. So, what are you waiting for?

Tours at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Take a Journey on a Caravan Safari

Enjoy a 1-hour private tour of the African Savanna habitats with an expert guide on this caravan safari. This safari will give you a closer view of the newest babies of the exhibits, and you may even get to feed a giraffe or two!

Prices for the caravan safari start at $399 and up, perfect for all members of the family from kids to seniors. This price includes up to 6 members per truck.

Ride the Sky on a Balloon Safari

Float above the entire Wildlife Park in a hot air balloon! Enjoy the unobstructed 360 views of the spectacular landscape as the balloons lift you high above the ground.

The balloon has safety wire, so it's safe for anyone! At $14 per person, this is a fantastic deal. Children under 3 are free to ride.

Swing Through the Trees on a Jungle Ropes Safari

If you're looking for an active safari expedition, this one's for you!

For $105 per person, you can walk among the highest branches of the trees in this 90-minute adventure! You'll climb and swing from one spot to the other using rope bridges, tightropes, swinging logs, and a slew of other exciting tools to maneuver through the treetops.

Jungle Ropes if for children seven years and older. The best thing to do is to reserve your time beforehand on the website so you can save money and choose your time.

Fly on a Flightline Safari

Flightline Safari is one of the world's longest continuous ziplines. This zipline extends over two-thirds of a mile over the Asian and African animal exhibits.

For $71 per person, you can experience the adrenaline-pumping action of flying 160 feet above this while animals, at over 50 miles an hour! But be careful, don't scream, or you'll cause the rhinos to stampede.

Do be aware that prices for the adventures above are subject to change so check before your visit directly with the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for any price changes.

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Local Tips
What is a Go San Diego Pass?

The Go San Diego Pass allows visitors to experience more attractions while simultaneously saving money.

With the pass, you can visit San Diego’s top attractions like the San Diego Zoo or LEGOLAND, all while saving up to 55% off on admissions. Plus, the pass gives you the ability to skip the line when visiting select attractions.

How to Get to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

EV Charging
EV Charging
Lot Parking
Lot Parking
RV Parking
RV Parking

No matter the direction you are traveling from, you will end up on Ranchero Parkway. From there, you will see signs for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

To travel by public transportation, you will want to check in with the transit information service of San Diego since routes continuously change.

Parking Information

To park, it costs $15 per vehicle. Are you driving through California in an RV? The parking fees for you will cost $20. Preferred parking is also available for an additional $18. EV charging stations are available as well.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Time at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Disabled Accessibility
Disabled Accessibility
No Alcohol
No Alcohol
No Smoking
No Smoking
Picnic Tables
Picnic Tables
Public Transportation
Public Transportation
RVs Allowed
RVs Allowed
Stroller Accessible
Stroller Accessible
Trash Cans Available
Trash Cans Available

San Diego Safari Park Hours

The San Diego Safari Park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the week. The time of operation is subject to change. Please check with the park before heading out for your adventure!

Best times of year to visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Since Safari Park has a desert-like climate, the animals are active year-round! The typical offseason is during wintertime if you want to beat the crowds. Although, you do risk more rain, and other attractions shut down, such as the hot air balloon due to possible inclement weather.

However, if you're wondering about the best time of day, the morning is best! The weather is cooler, and you can beat the crowds.

Bring Sunscreen and Hats

There isn't a lot of shade when you're out and about on safari's or walking between exhibits. Be sure to bring some sunscreen and a hat to stay protected from the sun.

Get the App!

The app is a lifesaver when you look for a way to plan your day at the San Diego Safari Park. The app features a map of the Park, so you know where you are at all times.

Also, the app has this notable feature where you can select the animals you want to see. From there, it will tell you which exhibits you need to go to, so you don't spend most of your day wandering around!

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